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What is the Yager-Code?


The Yager Code, also known as Yager Therapy, is a treatment method that was developed by Dr. Edwin Yager,

professor at the University of Southern California in San Diego and has been scientifically

researched and clinically proven for over 40 years.

What is characteristic about this, is the proven high effectiveness with an average success rate of 84.14% and an

average treatment duration of 3.5 sessions instead of several weeks or months of other forms of therapy.

Another special feature is that there is no need to talk about the problem or re-live it.


The method is therefore particularly suitable for people who do not want to or cannot talk about their problem

 (e.g. out of shame, through upsetting experiences and traumas, duty of confidentiality),

as well as for those who may have difficulty entering a state of deep trance or may not wish to opt for hypnotherapy for other reasons.

How does the Yager-Code work?

Yager therapy uses the abilities, which are present in every person but not conscious, to identify and resolve the cause of problems and complaints. In contrast to other forms of therapy, this usually takes place without conscious confrontation with the problem, as it works on a level beyond the conscious and subconscious mind. This enables a quick, effective and long-lasting solution to problems that have resisted even long-term therapies. Often symptoms and patterns disappear completely once their causes are resolved.


Yager therapy is based on the assumption that many problems arise from imprints and conditioning that are reinforced over the course of life. It assumes that every person has a higher level of intelligence, which makes it possible to detect the deep-rooted causes of problems. This special form of therapy serves to communicate with this higher intelligence and to renew blocking elements. It aims to identify and resolve formative or traumatic experiences as well as the resulting negative beliefs and behavioral patterns.

Unlike hypnosis, it is not necessary to go into a deep trance to be effective.

The client remains fully conscious during the session and maintains full control of their thoughts and actions.

Dr. Edwin Yager demonstrated the particular effectiveness of the method in a study and  in his book

“Subliminal Therapy”.


Application examples:




 Chronic Pain


Asthmatic complaints

High blood pressure


   Psychosomatic Complaints 

 General Anxiety

Specific Phobias

 Psychological Addictions

(smoking, alcohol, gambling addiction, internet addiction, etc.)

 Sleep disorders 

Dr Edwin Yager Code Subliminal Therapy

        "Resolve the cause and the problem goes away.         Not just temporarily - but it goes away. Period."

Dr. Edwin Yager (1925-2019)

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