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Daniel Kramer


Most of my life I have worked in Berlin and Hamburg as a music producer and composer in the pop music and advertising industries. 

My private fascination for psychology, health, consciousness and spirituality led me to numerous books,to attend seminars and lectures as well as to delve deeper into the psychological ideas in Buddhism, through which I got to know various meditation techniques and trance states.

Thinking, music would be my lifelong calling, a hypnosis seminar which I initially attended out of purely private curiosity, brought an unexpected turn when several participants suggested that I should offer hypnosis professionally and thus help other people.

The idea of no longer misusing the power of music to influence people's  subconscious for purely commercial purposes, but working with the subconscious therapeutically and thus helping people to develop their full potential, seemed fascinating.

So, after some consideration, I  decided to change careers:

I deepened my knowledge of therapeutic hypnosis and learned other related psychotherapeutical methods and acquired a license as a non-medical practitioner (Heilpraktiker) for psychotherapy.

My musical activity is put on hold in favor of my therapeutic work. My experiences from music production are now being incorporated into the production of music and sound-supported hypnosis audio programs.

I am convinced that our thinking significantly influences our living conditions and that the subconscious plays an essential role in our emotional and physical well-being. 


I look forward to supporting you on your individual, private or professional path and bringing about positive changes together.

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